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Humanitarian Aid Work & Development Programs 

Vanuatu's economy is relatively fragile, and its outer islands have limited access to basic services like health care. Vanuatu's islands are isolated and the area that the islands cover is vast, making travel expensive. The population is increasing and society is moving away from traditional livelihoods towards cash incomes, resulting in a range of development issues.

Clean water brings good health

Through development programs, Red Cross is working with the remote communities of Ambrym in Vanuatu to improve their access to much needed water and clean sanitation. "Since Red Cross came, things are different," says Kathleen. "We have more water for washing, better toilets. It is easier to keep clean, to keep heatlhy." Read more.

Healthier communities

"If we had more water in the village it would make it easier to wash and keep clean - the community would be healthier, the children would be healthier," mother-of-three Alice said 12 months ago.  Since then, Red Cross has responded to her community's needs on the island of Ambrym. Read more.  

Working together

Working with Vanuatu Red Cross in humanitarian aid work, we support their disaster preparedness, community-based health, and water and sanitation programs. The programs target rural and vulnerable populations. Read more.