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Australian Red Cross is a national provider of First Aid and Workplace Compliance training. This page contains a variety of resources to keep you informed and make your home and workplace safer.

To view or download these documents you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader software installed on your computer.

First Aid fact sheets

Download our free First Aid fact sheets and place a prominent position in communal areas at work such as lunch rooms and kitchens.


These guidelines do not replace First Aid training. Red Cross College recommends that everyone is trained in First Aid.  

Model Code of Practice: First Aid in the Workplace

In 2012, Safe Work Australia launched the new harmonised First Aid in the Workplace Code of Practice.

This Code provides support and guidance on different issues in work, health and safety and how to ensure compliance under the WHS Act.

Download the Model Code of Practice: First Aid in the Workplace.

Download a copy of the white paper Acheiving First Aid Compliance with Workplace Health & Safety Regulations.

First Aid app

Red Cross has released a free First Aid app.

A comprehensive pocket guide to First Aid, the app gives you access to the most up to date First Aid information anytime, anywhere.

The app supports the important life saving skills acquired through Red Cross First Aid training with quick and easy to use instructions, interactive quizzes to test your knowledge and helpful videos and images.

With more than 2 million downloads from the US and UK, this comprehensive app is a tried and tested resource from the world's largest provider of First Aid training.

Download app:

The app does not replace First Aid training. Red Cross College recommends that everyone is trained in First Aid.


First Aid animations

Get the First Aid conversation started with our hilarious two-part series First Aid animations.

The quirky animations are slightly removed from reality, feature likable characters and general First Aid scenarios which have a global appeal - making First Aid a hot topic!

Black and white line illustrations, gibberish language and strong sound effects make it relevant regardless of age, language, cultural background or occupation.

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