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True stories

Read real life stories from our First Aid students and the people we work with.

First Aid

Kerry saved her young son's life using newly learnt First Aid skills.

Joan-Marie administered CPR on her son whilst on holidays with her family.

Just one day after completing her First Aid training, Gretta assisted a manager at work during a health scare.

Justin's First Aid training kicked in when his daughter was choking.

Tijana had to perform First Aid on herself after a nasty cut.

Trish credits her trainer for teaching her how to calmly deal with a severe asthma attack.

Lauren was at the scene of a car crash and used her First Aid knowledge to assist the two drivers involved.

Linda called upon her First Aid skills when a friend's child cut himself and fainted.

Scott performed CPR on man who had suffered from a heart attack.

Jennifer assisted a complete stranger who fainted whilst travelling to work on the train.

Job seekers

Costa was successful in securing a role his local McDonald's more than one year after first meeting with Red Cross.

Connor secured a role at Lenard's Chicken, where he identified a passion for food preparation and hospitality.

Danielle believed her success in securing a role was a direct result of the confidence and skills she obtained from working directly with Red Cross.

With the use of a Government incentive, Red Cross helped Jason secure another position at a large retail store.

Erma was supported with on-the-job training, travel training and assistance from her Employment Consultant.

Red Cross was able to support Luke has new living arrangements which helped him retain his new position.

Feedback directly from our Job seekers.


PMP hopes to continue improving lives through its valuable relationship with the Red Cross.

Vision Australia had struck many problems in its attempts to find a suitable provider of First Aid training and then they called Red Cross College.