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Courses to build your humanitarian career

Our international training courses can help you build the skills and knowledge that underpin a successful career in aid work.

Understand the fundamentals of humanitarian action, learn about protection, gender and disability, and discover how to maintain your own wellbeing in the field.

International Humanitarian Action Training

The course to launch your humanitarian career. Guided by experienced practitioners, you will discover key concepts behind humanitarian assistance in emergency and conflict situations, understand the challenges you will face in the field, and start to build the skills and experience required by effective aid workers.

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Capacity Development Across Cultures

Relationships are the foundation of capacity development. This course is invaluable for anyone working in a cross-cultural context, whether overseas or in Australia. You will learn how to build effective working relationships, engage people in capacity development activities and work collaboratively to achieve mutually identified outcomes.

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International Humanitarian Protection Training

Learn how to protect people's safety, dignity and rights within a humanitarian response. This two-day intensive course is ideal for humanitarian aid workers, program coordinators, case workers and others who deal with people affected by disasters or armed conflict. Topics include protection principles, mainstreaming protection, gender-based violence and child protection.

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Training the Trainer for Humanitarian Practitioners

Every aid worker must be a good trainer too. Whether you are teaching a new system or preparing volunteers to respond to a disease outbreak, your ability to design, pitch, deliver and measure effective training programs will be crucial. This practical three-day course will build your skills and confidence in training, with a focus on humanitarian and development contexts.

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Participatory Program Design, Monitoring & Evaluation

How do you design programs that truly make an impact? How can you ensure that the communities who benefit from the program are involved in the design process? This course will build your skills, knowledge and confidence to create well-planned and evidence-based programs.

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Negotiation for Humanitarian Responders

This four-day residential course will equip you to be a strong and agile negotiator in complex humanitarian settings. It explores legal frameworks, mandates of humanitarian actors and unpacks the complex factors that can help or hinder negotiations. The course is jointly presented by Australian Red Cross and RedR Australia.


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