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Cyclone Ian 2014

Tonga Red Cross volunteers have been supporting affected people after Cyclone Ian and in recent years they have been helping communities prepare for disasters.

Red Cross has been assisting many of the thousands of people affected by a destructive cyclone, which has swept through Tonga in the south Pacific.

More than 2000 people fled from their homes and sheltered in evacuation centres after winds of up to 275 kilometres per hour slammed into the central Tongan Ha'apai group of islands.

Tonga Red Cross is on the ground assisting the affected communities with a range of relief supplies, such as tents, water containers and hygiene kits to help prevent the spread of disease.

In some areas, there are reports from Tonga Red Cross that up to 80 per cent of the buildings may have been damaged or destroyed. There is also major damage to infrastructure, including electricity, communications and water.

Australian Red Cross is on standby to support Tonga Red Cross as needed. Australian Red Cross has a longstanding program with Tonga Red Cross, supporting its efforts to stock pre-positioned relief supplies in remote islands and working with communities to prepare for disasters. This work has helped put Tonga Red Cross in a position to respond quickly and effectively when disaster strikes.

Making a donation to Red Cross Disaster Relief and Recovery supports our ongoing work helping communities prepare for, respond to and recover from emergencies in Australia and wherever we are needed around the world.

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Photo: Australian Red Cross