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Together as partners

Three-year-old Jacob Gurruwiwi enjoys hunting and cooking up healthy meals with his mum and grandparents on the bush camps near Galiwin'ku as part of the Healthy Baby Healthy Community program.

Red Cross is committed to working with the strengths inherent in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. We do not compete with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community organisations and their services, or seek to replace them. Our commitment to dynamic and diverse partnerships with local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community organisations drives the way in which we work in Indigenous communities. We acknowledge an abundance of talent, wisdom and potential in communities and believe that this is the platform upon which positive change for both Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians can be achieved.

Red Cross stands with and supports families and communities as they determine and lead their own solutions. This means we are guided by, and answerable to, the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, communities and organisations we work with.

How Red Cross helps

While a community-development approach takes time, since commencing our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Strategy in 2009, we have used our national presence to gain some significant achievements including:

Cairns Wellbeing Centre, QLD »
Red Cross's Cairns wellbeing centre provides a safe, healing and culturally appropriate place to stay for people from regional and remote areas accessing health services in the city.

Healthy Baby, Healthy Community, NT
Red Cross is partnering with Miwatj Health Aboriginal Corporation to deliver this innovative project in Galiwin'ku, aiming to improve Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander maternal and child health and wellbeing, by improving early childhood development and strengthening parenting skills.

Governance & Capacity Building, SA
Red Cross is working in partnership with Davenport Aboriginal Community Council developing programs to further build the Council's capacity to take on broader service delivery.

Broome Community Support Service, WA
Red Cross is working closely with local Aboriginal services in Broome, providing advice, information and referrals to a wide range of services and supports around financial, family, housing, legal, educational, employment and social and emotional wellbeing needs.

Kalano Flexible Aged Care Service, NT
Red Cross is working with a local Aboriginal organisation to build accreditation prospects and governance capability to operate the residential and respite service for vulnerable aged Aboriginal people from Katherine and other regions.

Woorabinda Five Year Plan, QLD
Red Cross is guided by this central Queensland Aboriginal community on a wide-ranging of targets to increase education, employment and training and continue to drive down social issues. We work with the community to deliver services in line with the community's own aspirations. Read Woorabinda Plan 2015 - 2020

Photo: Australian Red Cross/Belinda Morton.

Country connections

The Welcome to My Country camp brought 16 young people from across Australia to showcase their cultural and community strengths. Learn more »

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