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A weekly call from a Red Cross volunteer has made a huge difference for Carol.

Carol is a Dharawal Aboriginal woman who lives in Sydney. She lives alone and says that in the past the loneliness would get to her.

"I used to feel down, because I suffer a lot with depression and anxiety. I just used to get up everyday and say 'good morning Carol' to myself," she says.

Carol had been in contact with a home care agency which recommended she sign up for a daily welfare check phone call from Red Cross. She also signed up to receive a long social call each week to help her feel more connected to the community. As well as her daily welfare call, every Wednesday one of the Aboriginal volunteers from the Red Cross TeleYARN service calls Carol for an open-ended chat.

When I walk away from the phone after I've hung up, it makes my day. I love it.

The unique service provides social and cultural connection for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people through a weekly phone call. Every week a group of Aboriginal volunteers come in to call older Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people who are living in the community and who don't get to speak to many other people, particularly from their own culture.

Carol says the calls have had a huge impact on her wellbeing. "It's such a pleasure to know that there are people out there that really and truly do care," says Carol. "When I walk away from the phone after I've hung up, it makes my day. I love it, they're one of your kind and you don't feel that loneliness anymore because you know someone cares."

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