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Telecross REDi

This service is available in South Australia.

The Telecross REDi service supports people by regularly calling them during heatwaves. Telecross REDi is activated by the South Australian Department for Communities & Social Inclusion when an extreme weather event is declared.

Telecross REDi assists vulnerable and isolated people cope with extreme weather events. In January and February 2009, South Australia suffered a heatwave that claimed many lives and hospitalised many more. Since then, Telecross REDi has provided assurance for clients, their families and carers who know that their loved ones are regularly contacted during extreme heat events.

How it works
Red Cross volunteers call pre-registered clients up to three times a day to check on their wellbeing. The callers ask people how they are coping and remind clients of important measures to assist them through the extreme weather.

If a call goes unanswered or if someone is in distress, an emergency procedure is activated to ensure the safety and wellbeing of the client.

Using the Telecross REDi service
People in the community who are at risk during extreme weather events and require phone support during these periods are encouraged to register for the service.

This includes people who live alone, have a disability, are experiencing mental illness, are housebound, frail, aged, recovering from an illness or accident, or have an ongoing illness, such as diabetes or a heart condition. Carers of vulnerable people are also encouraged to register as they may be at risk during an extreme weather event.

Telecross REDi is free. Donations are welcome if you wish to make a contribution.

Registrations can be made calling 1800 188 071 or by email. Some people who receive services from support agencies may be assisted to register.

Volunteering with Telecross REDi
You can help people cope with extreme weather events as a Telecross REDi
volunteer. Volunteer positions are available for Callers, Team Leaders and Escalation Officers. Training is available for all three roles.

Contact us
For all Telecross REDi related enquiries please contact Red Cross on:
1800 188 071 or (08) 8100 4510 or by email.