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Tasmanian bushfires 2013: one year on

Raging fires swept across southeast Tasmania in January and February of 2013. In the worst fires Tasmania has experienced in over 40 years, more than 200 homes were lost and many others damaged. Whole communities, businesses, utilities and infrastructure were burnt to the ground.

One year after the devastating fires, Red Cross is still there for the Tasman Peninsula, Molesworth and Collinsvale communities as they recover.

With the community for the long-term

"Many people were traumatised when their life's belongings were lost in a flash," says Frank Mamo, a dedicated Red Cross volunteer. Frank drove more than three hours each day to help in a recovery hub in Sorell, Tasmania. Read more.

Treasure and hope amid the ashes

In Dunalley, Bob Brakey looks for anything that has survived in the ashes of his burnt home. Read more

Red Cross supporting communities: one year on

During the fires more than 150 Red Cross people, both staff and volunteers, helped with the Tasmanian bushfires response, providing personal support and recovery information to approximately 3,000 people affected. A year later, Red Cross is still there, helping the affected communities recover after the fires. Read more.

Photos:Australian Red Cross/Rodney Dekker. Australian Red Cross/Antony Balmain.

A duty to prepare

Scott battled the bushfires in Tasmania in January 2013 and knows the importance of preparing an emergency plan to protect his family. Read more »

Helping Tassie kids face disasters

Lesssons to Recover

As part of disaster recovery, Red Cross is helping kids to recover after the Tasmanian bushfires in 2013 and giving them the tools to be better prepared in the future with Recovery Lesson Plans.


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