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First baby born in new Red Cross Red Crescent hospital

A Jordanian Red Crescent midwife cares for the first Syrian baby born in a new Red Cross Red Crescent hospital in Azraq camp, Jordan. (Photo: IFRC)

We're proud to welcome the first arrival in the newly-opened Red Cross Red Crescent hospital in the huge Azraq refugee camp in Jordan. The maternity ward opened shortly before the hospital's first baby took her first breath and opened her eyes.

The hospital was opened last month to the immense relief of both Syrian refugees in the camp, and the health care volunteers and staff trying to provide much needed medical services.

As soon as the maternity unit was completed, staff were ready to go and it was not long before the first birth. A 20-year-old Syrian refugee, Hadeel, arrived at the hospital in labour. She had not felt many of the delivery signs. Of course, she was excited and also a little bit afraid of this new situation.

Luckily, obstetrician Samih and midwife Feeda were at hand to provide reassurance and a professional service to Hadeel. Samih conducted an ultrasound, which confirmed that the baby was on its way.

When the little baby girl was born, her parents, grandmother and all the hospital staff gathered around to celebrate. Grandmother gave kisses all round and her face was shining with joy.

After this special baby, four more babies were born during the next three days. The hospital is providing much needed maternity support for hundreds of women. Hadeel's new daughter is likely to be the first of many Syrian children to be born far away from home. With the opening of the hospital, these children now at least have a place to safely emerge into the world.


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