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Our Membership: Women Leading Through Philanthropy

Anonymous (1) (Member)

Irina Al Muderis (Founding Patron)

Samantha Armytage (Member)

Barbara Auswild (Founding Patron)

Hayley Baillie (Founding Patron)

Jodie Baker (Founding Patron)

Francesca Packer Barham (Founding Patron)

Anne Bi (Member)

Kerry Blake (Founding Patron)

Lisa Blundell (Founding Member)

Belinda Bosley (Founding Patron)

Virginia Briggs (Member)

Dr Elizabeth Campbell (Member)

Amanda Coombs (Founding Patron)

Alexandra Coward (Founding Patron)

Maryjane Crabtree (Founding Patron)

Paula Cronin (Member)

Sophia Edmonds (Youth/Student Member)

Stephanie Fairfax (Founding Patron)

Caroline Furlong (Founding Patron)

Maud Gazal (Founding Member)

Rebecca Gibney (Member)  

Kimberly Gire (Founding Chair and Founding Patron)

Alexandra Goodfellow (Founding Member)

Susan Harris (Founding Patron)

Tania Harris (Youth/Student Member)

Susan Hilliard (Founding Member)

Tricia Ho-Hudson (Founding Patron)

Narina Janian (Youth/ Student Member)

Lilly Jia (Member)

Kerry-Anne Johnston (Founding Patron)

Jennifer Kwok (Member)

Beth Madison (Founding Patron)

Katrina Martin (Founding Patron)

Linda Martin (Founding Patron)

Adele McDonald (Member)

Alison McEvoy (Member)

Rowena McGilvray (Member)

Imogen Merrony (Youth/Student Member)

Danni Murray (Founding Patron)

Kate O'Callaghan (Member)

Anita Pahor (Interim Co-Chair and Founding Patron)

Matina Papathanasiou (Member)

Anne Pike (Founding Patron)

Isobel Pike (Youth/Student Member)

Michelle Playoust (Member)

Angela Powditch (Youth/Student Member)

Lisa Ranson (Member)

Kellie Robertson (Member)

Pamela Robertson-Gregg (Member)

Serena Sanderson (Member)

Kate Slack-Smith (Member)

Pip Smith AO (Founding Patron)

Julie Spatt (Member)

Selena Spring (Founding Patron)

Lorraine Tarabay (Founding Patron)

Janelle Tarabay (Member)

Alex Touw (Youth/Student Member)

Jennifer Wade (Member)

Nicolette Van Wijngaarden (Member)

Dominica Williamson (Youth/Student Member)

Susan Wynne (Interim Co-Chair and Member)

Yang Yang (Founding Patron)

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