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Supporter Update

While you brush your teeth, you're helping vulnerable Aussie kids like Norah-Lee get a nutritious breakfast. Kids are chatting excitedly and clapping games echo around the covered courtyard. Breakfast is only minutes away…Read more

While you are on the phone to a work colleague your helping red Cross make daily calls to frail, elderly Australians like Jack and Hemda. Living alone can be difficult for anyone, regardless of age. But for 10 per cent of Australians over 65 who are socially isolated, declining health and safety concerns can make it difficult to live independently. Read more

when you catch the train home from work, you are helping families like Abdulahi's reconnect after years of separation. Abdulahi gathers his daughters and son around him in their home in Darwin, keeping them close. In a single night, his life went from one being surrounded by his family - his wife, Helima, and their son and three daughters - to being completely alone…Read more

While you sleep you're helping support people like John* so they don't have to spend a night on the street. After year's of hoarding, John* is now regaining control of his life, avoiding being evicted and potentially homeless.Read more

Building Blocks for a better future
Find out more about the Home Interaction Program for Parents and Youngsters whichs assists parents develop new skills, share experiences and kick-start a love of learning for their children.Read more