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Brochure: The Support for Trafficked People Program and the role of Red Cross:

This brochure outlines how Red Cross works with people who have been trafficked or experienced forced marriage and the supports provided by the Support for Trafficked People Program.

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Brochure: Migrant Workers' Rights in Australia

This brochure helps migrant workers understand some of their rights while working in Australia to minimise the risk of unfair treatment in the form of poor working conditions, low wages or more serious forms of exploitation.

The brochure explains where migrant workers can go for more information and assistance if they feel they are being exploited. It also assists community members to recognise and report instances of labour exploitation or human trafficking if they suspect someone is being exploited.

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NGO Guidelines for Working with Trafficked people
The guiding ethical principles for NGOs working with trafficked people are set out in this publication, produced by the Working Group of the National Roundtable on Human Trafficking. The guidelines are available in a number of community languages

You can access a copy of the guidelines here or visit:

Client Services Charter

This charter sets out your rights and how you will be treated when you take part in any Red Cross program or service. It is available in a number of community languages, and can be accessed here.