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Red Cross in Solomon Islands


Australian Red Cross works in partnership with Solomon Islands Red Cross - local experts in community health, water and sanitation and disaster management - to support their efforts in community health and disaster preparedness.

Together we work for healthy communities (Tugeda Uime Waka for Helti Komuniti)

Solomon Islands are vulnerable to natural disasters and have the highest rate of malaria outside of Africa. Compounding this is the 'the tensions' - a period of civil unrest from 1998 to 2003, which severely affected government infrastructure and the health of the population.  

To improve the health and hygiene practices of some of their most remote communities, Solomon Islands Red Cross set up a community-based project, supported by AusAID through Australian Red Cross.

Over three years, Tugeda Uime Waka for Helti Komuniti aims to provide communities with the knowledge and skills to help them improve health and hygiene practices, as well as supply equipment, and the technical support to help them change their environment.   

Responding to disaster together

Solomon Islands lies on the 'Ring of Fire' - and experience a range of natural disasters including earthquakes and tsunamis.

To help communities prepare for and respond to disasters, Solomon Islands Red Cross and Australian Red Cross joined together in the Pacific Disaster Management Partnership in 2005.

We work with Solomon Islands Red Cross to train staff, make sure relief supplies are well stocked, establish links with community-based health and first aid programs and prepare for disasters (taking climate change into account). The partnership is part of Australian Red Cross's long-term support for disaster management in the Pacific.

Vital blood

Blood saves lives and blood services are an important part of a strong health system. One of the challenges for Solomon Islands as a sprawling archipelago is to deliver a safe and sustainable blood service.

Solomon Islands Red Cross has a long history of recruiting voluntary blood donors and Australian Red Cross helps to revitalise the blood donor program. Working with the Solomon Islands Ministry of Health, Solomon Islands Red Cross educates communities about the importance of voluntary blood donation, safe blood and recruits new donors.