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Solomon Islands floods 2014

Thousands of people are being provided with food, water and other relief items like sleeping mats, and tools to fix homes in the Solomon Islands after devastating floods.

More than 20 people have lost their lives and thousands of people have been displaced due to the flooding.

Large parts of the capital Honiara were flooded, infrastructure damaged and more than 50,000 people have been affected after heavy rains fell on the islands in the first week of April. Hundreds of homes have been damaged or destroyed. The floods have left a trail of devastation.

Solomon Islands Red Cross was forced to evacuate from its offices. Staff and volunteers were operating from a hotel in Honiara though they are now back in their offices. Red Cross volunteers are working around the clock in the capital and regional areas to assist affected communities.

Australian Red Cross aid workers are supporting Solomon Islands Red Cross to meet the needs of communities affected by the floods. Thousands of people, who were displaced from their homes, are being provided with relief items like blankets, sleeping mats and water containers. Clean water is being provided along with access to sanitation facilities and hygiene kits, aimed at preventing disease.

Aid workers are also assisting with emergency shelter and planning for the longer term response to support communities affected by the floods. Australian Red Cross is ready to provide additional assistance.

A portable water purification machine has been sent to provide thousands of litres of clean water to communities affected by the floods.

Australian Red Cross has a longstanding program with Solomon Islands Red Cross, working with communities to prepare for disasters as well as improving community health and supporting better access to safe water and sanitation.

Red Cross supports communities, particularly those most in need, to prepare for, respond to and recover from emergencies such as this.

Making a donation to Red Cross Disaster Relief and Recovery supports the work that Red Cross Emergency Services do every day in Australia and wherever we are needed around the world.

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Photo: Relief supplies are arriving from New Zealand and Australia for Solomon Islands Red Cross to distribute to the thousands of people affected by the floods. (IFRC)