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save-a-mate works with young people to provide education workshops, volunteer opportunities, alcohol and other drug emergency first aid information and health promotion initiatives.


  • seeks to increase the ability of young people to look after themselves and to provide support to friends in need
  • provides young people with the skills and knowledge to prevent, recognise and respond to alcohol and other drug related emergencies
  • aims to build the skills of young people to understand and promote good mental health, safety and wellbeing.


save-a-mate is available across Australia from urban centres to rural and remote communities.

Its combination of alcohol and other drug education coupled with first aid and emergency response training, make save-a-mate a unique and relevant drug education program.

save-a-mate has won two international awards, including the well respected International award for Innovative Drug Policy as a result of the creative and effective way the program addresses drug issues and promoting positive health.

In 2011 save-a-mate was recognised with an award from the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies.

Photos: Red Cross volunteer Alison gives Matt a save-a-mate party survival guide at Future Music Festival. Red Cross volunteers James and Steph look out for young people's wellbeing by providing them with sunscreen and information. Jenny and Stephanie chat with a Red Cross volunteer at a save-a-mate chill out space. (Australian Red Cross/Rodney Dekker)

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