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Red Cross reconnects families separated by emergencies.

During an emergency response, Red Cross focuses on individuals and works with communities to enable people to be treated with dignity and that their basic human needs are met.

Emergency Response: How we help

Red Cross has launched a new and improved Register.Find.Reunite service  to help register, find and reunite family, friends and loved ones during a disaster.

Our personal support volunteers help people to cope emotionally and practically during and after an emergency by providing useful practical information and advice, and assisting people to access services.

Emergency response in some states includes assisting with immediate emergency housing and food needs by providing a meal and hotel for the night for a family who has just lost everything in a single house fire, through to helping manage evacuation centres during larger-scale emergencies.

Photo: Australian Red Cross/Tim Lofthouse


LEssons from the past

As fires raged across the Tasman Peninsula in January 2013, Tina Siely spent an agonising 12 hours not knowing whether her father, a resident in the area, was alive. Tina finally managed to get news of her father after he registered with the Red Cross service that helps loved ones reunite during an emergency. Read more