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Resources for current volunteers

Here's where you will find all the forms, policies and other information you will need on your volunteer journey with Red Cross.

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My recruitment


Police check application form - this form is completed to obtain your consent and personal details needed to conduct a police check.


Police check policy - this policy speaks to our position on police checks. All staff and volunteers must have a national police check on commencement and every three years there after.

Australian Red Cross Child Protection Policy - this policy speaks to the responsibilities that we all have to minimise the risk of abuse to children and young people participating in Australian Red Cross activities.

Recruitment and selection policy - this policy covers the procedure for recruiting new staff and volunteers, including the advertising process, the selection process and the final appointment process.

Tools and guidelines

Guide for Applicants completing the Police Check application form - a document to guide you through the police check application process.

My benefits


Workforce access to the Employee Assistance Program - Red Cross offers access to an Employee Assistance Program which provides external free, professional, confidential counselling assistance to members of the workforce who may need help with particular problems affecting their well-being.

My health and safety


Incident and hazard report form - allows users to document an incident or hazard.

Hazard inspection form - Retail'  -used to document hazards when conducting hazard inspections.

Hazard inspection checklist - other than Retail - used to document hazards when conducting hazard inspections.

Risk assessment form - generic WHS risk assessment form for documenting hazards, risks and controls.

Personal emergency evacuation form - form to document special evacuation needs of people who would require ambulatory assistance in an emergency evacuation.


Work health and safety policy - outlines the WHS vision and how we plan to achieve this.

Work health and safety strategic objectives - outlines the three WHS strategic objectives for the organisation.

Workforce access to Employee Assistance Program policy - this policy provides practical advice to all members of the Red Cross workforce accessing the Employee Assistance Program service.

Workforce complaints and grievance policy - this policy outlines the options for staff to follow if they wish to make a complaint or grievance.

Tools and guidlelines

Aggression prevention and management policy - how Red Cross people should prevent and manage aggression incidents.

Employee Assistance Program - information about using the Employee Assistance Program.

Management of infectious diseases - an information sheet outlining what tuberculosis is and how it is spread.

Manual handling - visual aid about safe storage heights to minimise manual handling and fall risks.

Volunteers and work health and safety

Workstation setup and use - a self-paced learning guide to assist volunteers with workstation comfort and safety.

My performance and behaviour


Code of conduct form - all staff and volunteers must adhere to the Code of Conduct.


Attendance policy - outlines obligations to attend the workplace.

Disciplinary action policy  - covers the procedure Red Cross uses to handle unacceptable performance and/or behaviour.

Equal opportunity policy - encourages a workplace culture based on the Red Cross Code of Conduct and to prevent unacceptable conduct.

My induction

Tools and guidelines

Induction handbook  - Tools and other resources to help new starters settle quickly into the organisation.

Induction presentation  - PowerPoint slides that new starters may wish to have a copy of for their reference.

Red Cross fundamentals e-learning  - Online learning modules which are the fundamental components of your induction. Please contact your local Learning and Development Consultant to set up a user account:

NSW/ACT - Betti Paris | P 02 9229 4169  | E

VIC - Melanie Browne | P 03  8327 7937 | E

SA - Sandy Sheridan | P 08 8100 4601 | E

WA - Renee Barlow | P 08 9225 1992 | E

NT - Annette Bullock | P 08 8924 3938 | E

QLD - Elise Whittaker | P 07 3367 4703 | E

TAS - Christine Court | P 03 6235 6015 | E

My development

Workforce Development Plan


Greg Vickery Scholarship application form - outlines the process for applying for the scholarship.

Mentoring agreement - documents the personal and professional agreements that a mentor and mentee make.

Mentee application - used by a mentee to express interest in the Red Cross Mentoring Program.

Mentor application - used by a mentor to express interest in the Red Cross Mentoring Program.

Mentoring meeting review - a template to help guide conversation between mentor and mentee.

Personal plan for success - a template the mentor or mentee can use as a guide for their development plan.


360 degree feedback policy - how feedback is gathered from colleagues, managers and others.

Learning and development policy - Red Cross' approach to providing learning and development opportunities.

Mentoring policy - outlines the value which mentoring can play in the development of team members.

Tools and guidelines

Capability framework - outlines the organisation's expectations of behaviours and level of performance.

Please contact your local Learning and Development Consultant to set up a user account to access the following online learning portals:

NSW/ACT - Betti Paris | P 02 9229 4169 | E

VIC - Damian Panozza | P 03 8327 7937 | E

SA - Sandy Sheridan | P 08 8100 4601 | E

WA - Hope Sullivan | P 08 9225 8836 | E

NT - Annette Bullock | P 08 8924 3938 | E

QLD - Renee Barlow | P 07 3367 4775 | E

TAS - Christine Court | P 03 6235 6015 | E 

Red Cross fundamentals e-learning  - E-learning modules required as part of your induction to Red Cross.

IFRC online resources - an online resource that provides learning opportunities to all members of the Red Cross workforce.

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