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Red Cross is committed to conducting and supporting high-quality social research which strengthens our mission to be a leading humanitarian organisation in Australia, improving the lives of vulnerable people through services delivered and promotion of humanitarian laws and values.

In particular, Red Cross is keen to advance knowledge and understanding around a number of key focus areas which comprise the Research Agenda:

  • Understand the impact and outcome of our work.
  • Develop internal and external capacity to achieve humanitarian outcomes.
  • Drive innovation and best-practice responses.
  • Explore the current and future causes and distribution of vulnerability, and strategies for resilience.
  • Inform and illustrate our social policy framework and the Fundamental Principles.

The Research Agenda intersects with Red Cross' seven priority areas and the cross-cutting themes to ensure that research activity remains relevant to Red Cross' core business.

Red Cross undertakes research through a mixed model involving commissioned projects as well as research partnerships. This collection of projects makes up the Research Program.

For more information please email the Research and Social Policy Unit.

Giving Time

Giving Time is an interactive webdoc capturing the motivations and experiences of Red Cross volunteers in Australia.

Giving Time delves into the personal accounts of 20 Red Cross volunteers highlighting the importance of voluntary service to humanitarian action.

The researcher, Julia Scott-Stevenson, is a doctoral candidate whose research was supported by an Australian Research Council Linkage Project between Red Cross and Macquarie University, exploring capacity building for humanitarian action.

Watch a sample video below or view Giving Time in full »

Doing justice better

Our second Vulnerability Report calls for a complete rethink on how we do justice. Read the full report on Justice Reinvestment »

Vulnerability Report


The Vulnerability Report provides rare insights into the day-to-day realities of people seeking asylum. Read the report »

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