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Research projects

Red Cross would like to thank the authors and King & Wood Mallesons for contributing these papers.

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2011 Papers

2011 - Recent Developments in Prosecutor v Taylor

2011 - The OTP v Thomas Lubanga Dyilo - The Challenge of Using 'Intermediaries' in the International Criminal Court

2011 - ICTR - Jurisdiction, Completion Strategy and the Transfer of Cases to Domestic Courts

2011 - Mothers of Srebenica Court of Appeal Case

2011 - Murder and Forced Removal at Srebenica: The Joint Trial of seven senior Bosnian Serb military officers at the ICTY

2011 - The ECCC: From Case 001 to Case 002: Findings and the Future


Past Papers

Principles of International Criminal Law & War Crimes

2010 - The Principle of Universal Jurisdiction

2010 - Conviction of Desiree Munyaneza under Canada's Crimes Against Humanity and War Crimes Act 2000

2010 - United States v Roy M Belfast

2008 - An analysis of the crime of genocide

2007 - Comparing and contrasting genocide, war crimes and crimes agains humanity


Sierra Leone and the Special Court for Sierra Leone

2010 - Forced marriage as an "other inhumane act"

2010 - Joint Criminal Enterprise

2008 - The beginnings of the trial of Charles Taylor

2007 - A detailed study of the Special Court for Sierra Leone


The International Criminal Court

2010 - The OTP v Thomas Lubanga Dyilo

2010 - The Prosecutor v Germain Katabga and Mathieu Ngudjolo Chui

2009 - The difficulties of prosecuting War Crimes before the International Criminal Court

2009 - What role and voice for victims in international criminal law? The work of the ICC and its approach to victims

2009 - The Crime of Aggression under the Rome Statute

2008 - Four African situations, referred to the ICC

2007 - The ICC - its birth and its progress


The lnternational Court of Justice

2008 - The International Court of Justice - the Serbia and genocide case


The International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda

2010 - Zigiranyirazo case

2010 - Completion Strategy

2008 - Direct and public Incitement to commit genocide

2007 - The Rwandan conflict and the prosecution of rape


The Balkans and the lnternational Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia

2010 - Karadzic trial

2009 - Superior responsibility, joint criminal enterprise and the ICTY

2008 - A failure to act: the Mrksic trial judgement

2007 - Spreading terror amongst civilians: the Galic trial


Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia

2010 - Case 001 - the Duch trial

2009 - The Extraordinary Chamber of the Cambodian Court

2007 - The Cambodian court: Functional and fair?


Timor Leste and the Special Panel for Serious Crimes

2007 - The Special Panel for Serious Crimes: Tackling Timor's violence


Other courts and issues

2009 - International Peacekeepers and IHL

2009 - Mothers of Srebenica case (interlocutory proceedings)