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Be a real hero

Emergencies can strike anytime, anywhere and affect anyone.

You can be a real hero by learning and providing first aid when the time comes and ensuring first aid training is accessible to all. At least one person per household should be equipped with lifesaving skills, in every country around the globe. This will better prepare individuals and communities to react to both disasters and every day emergencies. Together, we can prepare heroes in Australia and around the world.

The Red Cross Red Crescent is one of the world's leading first aid educators and providers, training 14 million people yearly in lifesaving skills. 


Be a real hero. Learn first aid.

Meet everyday hero Tegan

Feeling helpless watching her friend almost choke while eating lunch together is an unfortunate memory Tegan won't soon forget. But it was the first aid treatment that her friend was lucky enough to receive that inspired Tegan to not only learn first aid, but also dedicate her time teaching other people the skills to save a life.

After 3 years with Red Cross, Tegan still feels the same sense of satisfaction as she did after her first course. 'Everyone's got a story about how first aid has changed his or her life. As trainers, we hear so many stories about situations that could have very different outcomes had the person in need not received correct and immediate first aid treatment.' I believe everyone has the responsibility to learn first aid to improve the overall health, safety and wellbeing of our community.

First Aid app

First Aid app

Our free, comprehensive pocket guide to First Aid gives you the most up-to-date First Aid information anytime, anywhere. Available now at iTunes or Google Play.