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Queensland cyclone Yasi 2011

One of the biggest cyclones in Australia's history crossed the North Queensland coast on 2 February 2011. The Category 5 cyclone, with winds of up to 285 kilometres per hour, damaged communities from Cairns to Townsville. Townships including Tully, Mission Beach and Cardwell were most severely affected. Thousands of homes, buildings and infrastructure were damaged or destroyed. Red Cross assisted thousands of people in evacuation centres across the battered region. Together, Red Cross and communities then began the slow journey of recovery.

Rewards with recovery

In the past year, Red Cross staff and volunteers supported more than 16,600 people across the state, checking to see how they were coping and ensuring their needs were being looked after. Read more.

The Red Cross response

Red Cross is working closely with local governments, recovery agencies and the State Government to support communities as they recover, providing personal support and practical resources across the affected areas. Read more.

Queenslanders still need your support

Please consider making a donation to our Disaster Relief and Recovery work. Your support assists us to help households and communities prepare for and recover from disasters.

Disasters can happen in a moment, but their effects can be felt a lifetime. Your support ensures that Red Cross is able to respond as soon as an emergency occurs and helps us continue to support people in their journey of recovery.




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Coping with a major personal crisis
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