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Supporting people who have been trafficked or have been forced into marriage

Red Cross provides comprehensive casework to people as they recover from their trafficking and forced marriage experiences.

Red Cross has managed the Support for Trafficked People program since 2009. The program is funded by the Australian Government.

Who is eligible?

The program provides comprehensive support to people who have been trafficked or have experienced forced marriage and are assisting the Australian Federal Police in investigations.

A person must provide consent before being referred to the program. Participation in the program is voluntary and a person can choose to leave at any time.

If a person does not meet the eligibility criteria for the program, Red Cross may refer them to other internal programs or to community support organisations.

Support provided by Red Cross

When a client is referred to Red Cross, they will receive complex casework support tailored to their individual needs. This may include:

  • Basic living allowance
  • Assistance to:
    • obtain short-term and long-term housing
    • purchase household goods and furniture 
    • access Centrelink Special Benefit and Medicare 
    • obtain employment and training (if appropriate) 
    • establish links to social, religious and community networks
  • Referral to support services, including: 
    • counselling 
    • healthcare
    • legal services 
    • interpreters

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TRafficking FAQs

The 'Human Trafficking - Frequently Asked Questions' document is a resource on what is human trafficking, the efforts to combat it and how to appropriately respond to the needs to people who have been trafficked. Download