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Australian Red Cross is stepping up its campaign to ban the use of nuclear weapons, calling on people around the world to share videos and photographs of something they love, so we don't forget what's at stake.

Your collective voices then will help us continue to advocate for a ban on the use of nuclear weapons.

Following stage one of the 'Make Nuclear Weapons the Target' campaign, Australian Red Cross took your views on nuclear weapons to an international Red Cross meeting in Geneva, and returned with a resolution called 'Working towards the elimination of nuclear weapons'.

The historic resolution of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement appeals to States to ensure nuclear weapons are never again used, and to create laws to prohibit the use of nuclear weapons.

The resolution has already been used by Red Cross and some governments around the world to highlight the humanitarian consequences of nuclear weapons.

There is still much to be done to ban the use of nuclear weapons, and Australian Red Cross wants you to continue to be part of this journey as we take the next step in making nuclear weapons the target.

Show how much you care by sharing a photo or short video (less than 20 seconds) of a precious place, person, object or moment that encapsulates the one thing you'd miss most if your world was destroyed tomorrow by a nuclear bomb.

We will collect the videos and photos of the things you love and make one amazing video calling for an international treaty to ban the use of nuclear weapons.

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The 'Make Nuclear Weapons the Target' campaign is an advocacy and humanitarian diplomacy campaign to raise awareness about nuclear weapons and their unacceptable humanitarian and environmental consequences.
The Target Nuclear Weapons campaign has already reached more than 900,000 people through a social explosion of Facebook and Twitter posts calling for a ban on the use of nuclear weapons, and this number is still growing.
You can stillĀ vote to support a ban on the use of nuclear weapons and be part of the next social explosion.