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Program impact

Some remarkable things have happened through five years of collaboration between our international partners and Australian volunteers.

We've seen organisations become stronger and more viable, with new strategic plans, broader networks and a wider reach. New resources have been created: from knowledge databases to procedures manuals and even healthy cookbooks. Campaigns to prevent disease and address gender-based violence have helped people live healthier and safer lives.

This page contains reports, research and evaluations from our time in the AVID program, documenting achievements and lessons learnt.

A word of thanks:

To our partners - thank you so much for inviting us to be a part of your journey; your courage and commitment to serving your communities is truly admirable.

To our volunteers - thank you so much for sharing your knowledge, expertise and even a part of your heart with the AVID program; we recognise and appreciate your contributions. 

Our work by region

Achievements in Asia
Achievements in Africa
Achievements in the Pacific


Kenya and Uganda
Read the findings of an external evaluation of our work in Kenya and Uganda. 

A broader evaluation of the Red Cross AVID program is now being conducted, the findings of which will be available in 2016.


We completed two research projects on the effects of international volunteering.

An investment in development
How international volunteering has an effect on host organisations and their communities

Strengthening Australia's development sector 
How international volunteers contribute on their return to Australia

Learning papers

What international volunteering can teach us about partnerships 
Examples of structured yet flexible partnerships forged through international volunteering, and lessons learnt from each partnership.

Capacity development through international volunteering. What did we learn?
We reviewed our Capacity Development Framework to better understand how it was being used in practice, and how it could inform future international volunteering programs.


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Photo: Mareike Guensche (Australian Red Cross)