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Examples of current philanthropic support

The Fred and Vi Lean Charitable Trust (managed by Equity Trustees with co-trustees Price Williams and Robin Clements)

The Fred and Vi Lean Charitable Trust has been supporting Australian Red Cross for more than 15 years. In recent years their donations have supported our Bridging Support Program in Victoria, which provides one-off emergency relief and material to asylum seekers who are ineligible for government funded assistance programs.

Without access to income support, work rights, Medicare or other government services, people seeking asylum can face extreme hardship. Living with uncertainty about the future and the outcome of their application for asylum, many people don't have the support of family or the community in Australia, increasing their vulnerability to poverty, malnutrition and social isolation.

The Trust's regular donations have assisted Red Cross to build and maintain our emergency relief program which has been running since 2002 and which, last financial year, provided 1500 asylum seekers, refugees and migrants across Australia with vital basic assistance.

The Percy Baxter Charitable Trust (managed by Perpetual)

In February 2014, bushfires in Victoria destroyed 82 homes, almost 1000km of fencing, killed thousands of livestock, and burnt 311,512 hectares of land across areas including Gippsland, the Grampians, and communities north of Melbourne, in what constituted the most extreme fire event to affect the State since the devastating 2009 Black Saturday bushfires. Emergencies such as this are highly disruptive and stressful events for those affected, and can have long lasting, diverse, and profound impacts upon individuals, households and communities. Successful recovery relies upon understanding the context and recognising the complexity of the situation, and Red Cross has unparalleled experience and expertise in this field.

Thanks to a grant provided by the Percy Baxter Charitable Trust (managed by Perpetual), Red Cross is currently delivering a 2 year recovery program which will ensure that those impacted by the 2014 fires are supported in their recovery journey, and will be more resilient for any possible emergencies in future.

The Victorian Bushfire Recovery Program, which would not have been possible if not for the generosity of The Percy Baxter Charitable Trust, has three primary foci:

Capacity - Building the recovery capacity of individuals, households, communities, and agencies through training, education, and provision of resources.
Connection - Provision of personal support through outreach (door to door) and at community events, and connection of individuals/ households to services.
Support - Contribution to local recovery planning.

In the past the Percy Baxter Charitable Trust has also supported the resilience and recovery of communities impacted by disasters including the 2009 Black Saturday bushfires and the 2011 Victorian floods.

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