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Pat Gosper Place

Cairns Wellbeing Centre - Pat Gosper Place a home away from home

Pat Gosper Place is a distinctive accommodation centre providing a welcome home away from home for people from some of the most remote parts of the state who are receiving medical treatment in Cairns.

The centre is designed to reflect the Red Cross wellbeing model, with its sense of openness, welcome and homeliness, mirroring health and recovery.

With people in rural and remote communities suffering from poorer health, reduced life expectancy and higher levels of disease and illness, the Centre will fill a real gap for people who are unable to access the quality and range of medical services people in the city.


  • 44 rooms with an ensuite
  • large family rooms and fully wheelchair accessible rooms
  • fully equipped kitchen and spacious dining area allows guests to self-cater
  • airport transfers available
  • current Red Cross services such as¬†FoodCents and Hands on Care
  • Visiting services, such as¬†from the local Health, Homelessness and Family support services and Centrelink
  • Branch services and activities - a small retail outlet, regular morning teas and other social events
  • Other volunteer services such as art and music sessions



The Cairns Wellbeing Centre will have both on-site and through-referral arrangements to provide a range of services to enhance guests' wellness.


Guests will primarily be referred by Queensland Health and supported by the Patient Travel Subsidy Scheme (PTS) which assists patients and their carers to meet the costs of travel and accommodation associated with accessing health services.

Non PTS guests will also be welcome at Pat Gosper Place although priority will always be given to patients staying under the Patient Travel Subsidy Scheme. Guests will have no out of pocket accommodation charges.


We are busy installing an electronic booking system that will enable you to book on line and will provide details as soon as this is available.


Cairns Wellbeing Centre - Pat Gosper Place
Corner Lake and Grove Streets, Cairns, Queensland 4053

Deborah Stoffell, Wellbeing Centre Coordinator
Phone 07 4047 6100