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Students find synergy with our global movement

Flinders Uni Red Cross Club members Cameron Milsteed, Georgia Hagias and Evie Allcroft.

27 February 2017 - With more and more young people joining Red Cross as Young Humanitarians, momentum is growing from university students to get involved with the world's largest humanitarian movement. For many students, there is a natural synergy with Red Cross and their studies.

Cameron Millsteed is studying international development at Flinders University in Adelaide. He says being part of the Red Cross Uni Club at Flinders is a good fit with his studies and many other students there - like those studying medicine, law and social work.

"I've found the uni club to be a good way to meet other people that I have a shared interest with," says Cameron.

"Being part of the Red Cross uni club is good for upskilling, networking, access to training opportunities, meeting a lot of people and learning more about what's going on in the world."

Georgia at Flinders Uni O-Week.

Georgia Hagias says that being part of Red Cross has given her phenomenal opportunities.

"You're never just signing up for a Red Cross uni club, it's always going to be something bigger," she says. Georgia sits on the South Australian Youth Advisory Committee and has arranged many successful fundraising and guest speaker events for Red Cross.

"There's an opportunity for a career path and the ability to go global," she says of being a Red Cross member.

"As young people we shouldn't be ashamed that we want opportunities to advance our career paths. We want things on our resume so that we can get a job with Red Cross or with migrants or human rights. It's an investment in ourselves so that we can help people in the future."

Georgia says that it's also a great way to contribute to the global community.

"We've been fortunate to be born in Australia, come from a reasonably well-off background and go to university. It's a no-brainer to volunteer. I don't think you can be that lucky and not give back."

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