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Target Nuclear Weapons flashmobs

Red Cross young humanitarians continue to support the Make Nuclear Weapons the Target campaign, with the release of a new video. In 2011, young people organised co-ordinated flash mobs across the country to help support the campaign to bring the humanitarian consequences of nuclear weapons to public attention and to strengthen the laws that prohibit their use.

More than 600 young humanitarians, along with people of different ages, some up to 80 years old, joined the attention-grabbing flashmob stunts, having fun and making a difference. Flashmobs occur when a crowd congregates suddenly in a prominent public place to perform a stunt and then disappear back into the crowd as fast as they came.

There are at least 20,000 nuclear weapons in the world today. The Make Nuclear Weapons the Target campaign calls on Australians to join the push to ban the use of nuclear weapons through a legally binding international agreement. People can vote in an online referendum on the Australian Red Cross Facebook page or at

For more information visit Protecting People in War (International Humanitarian Law).