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A day in the life of a humanitarian

At any given moment today, you'll find a Red Cross person trying to make life a little easier for people in crisis.

Friday August 19, 2016

Italian Red Cross
Italian Red Cross nurse Daniela and team rescue a group of people stranded in a sinking boat in the Mediterranean. Photos: Jason Florio/MOAS; ICRC; Navinesh Lumar/IFRC)

Right now, more than 130 million people around the world need humanitarian assistance to survive.  

On World Humanitarian Day, 19 August, we acknowledge all those who provide this assistance: giving their time, their energy, their compassion and sometimes even their lives.

Whatever time you read this story, a Red Cross or Red Crescent person will be working hard to make life a little easier for someone else.  

At 6am, Iraqi Red Crescent volunteers like Hussein are providing first aid to families fleeing violence.  

By 8am, malnourished kids in Somalia are getting a nutritious meal served up by Hajir, who works with the International Committee of the Red Cross.  

Around 10am, displaced people in South Sudan are bringing their phones to be charged at a Red Cross centre, so they can get in contact with their families.  

After lunch, Syrian Arab Red Crescent volunteers take some time to play with children who have sought shelter from violence in a camp near Yarmouk.  

Somewhere around 3pm, Italian Red Cross nurse Daniela treats one of the hundreds of people rescued from sinking boats in the Mediterranean.  

By 6pm, British Red Cross volunteer Sarah Disney and her therapy dog Twm will head back to their home in Wales after a day visiting isolated older people.  

It's 9pm and Bob Cunningham is busy volunteering at Brisbane's Night Café, a safe space for young people who are homeless. 

And if you're reading this before bed, spare a thought for Isara Isoe. He's likely spent all day in Fiji villages supervising the rebuilding of homes after Cyclone Winston, and is now grabbing a moment to Skype his wife and two-year-old son back home in Samoa.  

Today we thank them all for what they do, right around the clock.  

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