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World First Aid Day: Be prepared

Globally, around 140,000 people die each year in situations where their lives could have been saved if somebody had known first aid.

Thursday September 7, 2017

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That's why this World First Aid Day, on September 9, Australian Red Cross is drawing attention to the number of domestic and workplace accidents that take place every year.

And there are more than you might think. Almost half a million Australians are admitted to hospitals every year as a result of injury; with around 12,000 people dying from their injuries, primarily from falls. Yet Australia has some of the lowest rates of First Aid training in the world.

Less than 5% of Australians are trained in First Aid and can help in an emergency situation. With falls and injuries more likely to occur in the home than any other place, making family members first responders in an accident, Australian Red Cross is urging people to learn First Aid.

A person whose heart has stopped has an 80% chance of surviving if CPR is started in the first minute. This goes down to less than 5% survival chance if CPR is not started until 10 minutes later.

Having the skills to give first aid before an ambulance arrives can also ensure a faster recovery. Once you have the knowledge it stays with you for life and gives you the confidence to react in the event of an accident.

Once trained, it's important for people to continuously review first aid training practices by keeping their first aid certificate up to date to maintain the knowledge and skills throughout their life.

It is also important to have a well-stocked first aid kit at home, in the car or in your caravan. It's important to keep an eye on the expiry date of the contents, as many items only have a three to five year shelf life before they need replacing.

Be prepared and book into an Australian Red Cross First Aid course, or refresher course

Bok into a Red Cross first aid training course over the phone 1300 367 428 or via our website

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