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World First Aid Day 2006

Saturday September 9, 2006

First aid ... Don't just stand there ... do something!

World First Aid Day is an international day celebrated by the International Red Cross movement around the world to raise public awareness about the critical lifesaving capacity of a simple first aid course.

In an emergency, basic knowledge of first aid and CPR can be the difference between life and death, says the CEO of Australian Red Cross, Robert Tickner.

'Too often we all see a crowd standing around after an accident or a fall and the cry goes out-- "Don't just stand there do something!" but nobody knows what to do.'

'Parents especially are aware of how quickly accidents can occur when children are involved- but a simple investment in your child's life by attending an Australian Red Cross First Aid course can give you the confidence to respond immediately after an accident or during an emergency' Mr Tickner said.

'Giving up half a day of your life to learn basic First Aid procedures will mean that one day you may give the gift of life to another human being.'

So often, right across Australia and indeed around the world Red Cross First Aid programmes are saving lives and enabling communities to respond in those vital first few moments after an emergency occurs.

'Events like Hurricane Katrina in America and Cyclone Larry in Queensland, as well as the recent bushfires in South Australia and Victoria continue to reinforce the fact that the ability of people to look after themselves and their neighbors is vital,' Mr Tickner said. We encourage all Australians to make a difference this year in someone's life and learn first aid.

Australian Red Cross has a number of courses available for every member of the community that will assist in saving someone's life, if it's not your family, it may be your workmate, your neighbor, or a complete stranger. These courses cover basic First Aid training such as CPR, wound care and bandaging, bone and muscle injuries, and poisoning, bites and stings.

Australian Red Cross First Aid kits are also an excellent way to be prepared for almost any eventuality, no matter where you are--there are kits available for the home, camping, sports events and even cars.

Since 1863 the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement has committed itself, as a humanitarian organisation, to protect and save lives. Red Cross involvement in First Aid is Red Cross in action in the local community.

For further information or to enrol in a course, please call 1300 367 428 or visit the First Aid section of the website.