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Why preparation not procrastination is so important

Emergencies can strike at any time. You can't control when the emergency will come but you can control how prepared you are.

Friday January 27, 2017

Jacqui Pringle and her children

Being prepared for a bushfire, cyclone, flood or whatever emergency may come your way means you're more likely to cope and get your life back on track.

The Red Cross RediPlan is a free service that allows you to make your emergency preparedness plan in just four simple steps.    

It's so easy to put off making your RediPlan until another day but emergency services worker, Jacqui Pringle, explains how one story made her take action.  

Jacqui's story

As an emergency services worker, most people assume I'd be ultra-prepared for an emergency.

However, like many people, life kept getting in the way of my best intentions to get prepared. Not enough time, too many other things to think about, I know I should and I feel really guilty that I haven't, but…   

Then I heard a story about a mother who became separated from her young child during the 2013 Blue Mountains bushfires.

She was returning from work when she heard that the fire front was moving towards their family childcare centre and she couldn't get in touch with anyone at the centre.   

For a heart stopping period of time, she didn't know what had happened to the centre and if her child was safe.

 As a mother of a young child at the time, I could imagine how utterly terrifying that situation must have been for her and for her child. It's a situation I never want to face.   

Since hearing that story, I've completed a Red Cross RediPlan, I've identified a number of contacts in different locations who are willing to drop anything and pick up my children (and my dog from home!) in an emergency.  

I have even identified a friend's house that my family know I will head to, should anything happen in the city I work in that might prevent me from getting home.

We often don't think about emergencies in big cities, but there are lots of things that could disrupt our lives and prevent us from getting home or getting in touch with loved ones.

The more that I can do now to ensure that I don't lose contact with my loved ones in what will undoubtedly already be a really stressful time, the better."  

For more information on creating your RediPlan, please go to our website.