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Thousands seek shelter from Typhoon Koppu in the Philippines

As families crowd into evacuation centres, Philippine Red Cross is there with hot meals and blankets. Emergency teams are following the typhoon's progress.

Monday October 19, 2015

Boy and bike
A boy crosses a flooded river in Luzon while Typhoon Koppu rages. Photo: Kate Marshall

Typhoon Koppu made landfall in the Philippines on Sunday 18 October. The Category 3 cyclone is expected to move slowly through the country, bringing winds of up to 150kph and intense rain within its 600-kilometre diameter.  

Local governments in Luzon have evacuated well over 14,000 people from the typhoon's path. They are being accommodated in 104 evacuation centres, including health centres and schools.  

Philippine Red Cross teams are assisting with the evacuations and serving hot meals to families, as well as providing blankets and sleeping mats.    

As the typhoon makes its slow progress through Luzon, Red Cross water search-and-rescue teams, ambulances and meal trucks are ready to assist, and some teams have been sent to affected areas.  

Red Cross is closely monitoring the water levels of various river basins and dams, as these are expected to peak and overflow. There are concerns that floodwaters may submerge inhabited parts of Luzon.  

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