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Two people killed as Red Crescent ambulance fired upon

Red Cross strongly condemns a shooting attack on a Yemeni Red Crescent Society ambulance. The attack killed a patient and another occupant on board.

Wednesday July 29, 2015

Photo: YRCS

The medical transport came under fire when it was attempting to cross a front line in the city of Taiz. Two Yemeni Red Crescent volunteers also in the ambulance were unharmed in the attack, the motive of which remains unknown.  

Australian Red Cross has supported the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement's call to respect the red cross and red crescent emblems during conflict. Under the auspices of international humanitarian law, vehicles, buildings and individuals displaying the emblems are to be exempted and protected from attack.  

There has been a marked increase in hostilities directed towards Yemeni Red Crescent facilities and personnel since March, including looting and arson attacks. Four volunteers have been killed since March.  

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