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Tropical Cyclone George puts Australian Red Cross into action (09/03/2007)

Friday March 9, 2007

Australian Red Cross volunteers at Port Hedland are hard at work registering evacuees in the area, due to the threat of Cyclone George. At 7.15pm last night the Fire & Emergency Services Authority (FESA) released a statement declaring people in or near the communities of Port Hedland and Whim Creek on Red Alert.

Mr Steve Joske, Executive Director, Australian Red Cross WA, said approximately 60 people have been registered since last night, and the number is growing fast. Mr Joske said:

'We're advising that people travelling in the area register on the 1800 810 710 number if they haven?t done so already. Concerned friends and relatives are able to also call this number to ensure that their loved ones are safe'.

According to the FESA statement, 'Red Alert' means that there is a significant risk that destructive winds will occur in the area soon and that people should move immediately to shelter.

Members of the public who are concerned for family members and colleagues in the Port Hedland and Whim Creek area should call 1800 810 710. No financial appeal has been set up at this stage.