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Tribute to Ron Green, former National Chairman of Australian Red Cross

Tuesday April 5, 2005

It is with great sadness that Australian Red Cross farewells Mr Ron Green, AM former National Chairman of Australian Red Cross, who passed away in Denmark, Western Australia on 1 April, 2005.

Ron's long association with Australian Red Cross culminated in his appointment to the position of National Chairman in 1993. He remained in that position until 1998, and under his stewardship the organisation underwent some of the most profound changes in its proud history.

A man of immense integrity, determination, tact and vision, his tenure as volunteer Chairman was highlighted by his ability to inspire people to work together using his renowned energy and grace.

'Ron was widely respected for his exceptional dedication, strategic thinking and remarkable leadership', said Richard Morgan, Ron's succesor in the post of National Chairman. 'Organisations such as Red Cross depend on leadership which strengthens the founding purpose and ideals of the organisation in addition to encouraging organisational improvements. In these two areas Ron was able to achieve an enormous amount', he said.

A career educator in both urban and rural Australia, it was no surprise that his initial interests with the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement (Movement) lay in providing assistance and direction to young people. His resourcefulness and diplomacy guided the Youth Committee (of which he was the longstanding chair) to a position of strength and relevance, where inclusiveness and new ideas were enthusiastically encouraged.

While he remained active with Australian Red Cross youth programs throughout his long service, his skills and expertise were lent to a broad range of other issues central to the organisational development of Australian Red Cross, including finance, International Humanitarian Law and Blood Services.

It is through the leadership of people of the calibre of Ron Green that Australian Red Cross has been able to grow, prosper, and meet emerging humanitarian challenges in a modern world. He will be fondly remembered by everyone from the Movement who knew him.

Australian Red Cross extends to Ron's family its deepest sympathies, and its gratitude and thanks for an enormous contribution to humanity.