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Thank you to Australia's Blood Donors!

Friday September 8, 2006

11-17 September 2006 is National Blood Donor Week!

This year's National Blood Donor Week is represented by three year old Tanner Menzies from Sydney.

Tanner is three years of age. He was diagnosed with leukaemia when he was seven months old and had a bone marrow transplant about 20 months ago. In his short life, he has been in and out of hospital, and has received so much blood and blood products essential to his treatment, that his parents have lost count.

Tanner would not be alive today if it were not for three things:

  • First, his own fighting qualities and those of his parents
  • Second, the high level of medical expertise and treatment available in Australian hospitals
  • Third, the generosity of Australia's voluntary, unpaid blood donors.

Blood is the essential ingredient just to have a chance in life, like Tanner or thousands of other people with cancer, heart disease, kidney disease and other medical conditions.

The two cornerstones of the blood supply system in Australia are voluntary, unpaid donors and self-sufficiency, and the ARCBS is using National Blood Donor Week to pose a series of questions.

Do we, as a community, truly value the time and commitment of blood donors?

Do we see voluntary, unpaid blood donation as a relic of the past ... or do we see the concept of our citizens giving blood to help others in hospital, as intrinsic to what we value in our sense of nationhood?

Do we see blood as a feature of the market place? Or a feature of our way of life underscored by mateship and sharing, and helping to create and strengthen our community?

To Tanner and others like him, all blood donors are lifesavers who do
extraordinary things for others as well as help the Australian community to be self-sufficient in the blood supply.

To give blood, please call us on 13 14 95 or register online at