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Red Cross remembers its fallen colleagues

On 17 December, we remember Red Cross and Red Crescent people who were killed while performing humanitarian service.

Friday December 11, 2015

Syrian Arab Red Crescent
Several Red Crescent workers have been killed in Syria while delivering relief supplies, retrieving bodies or putting the wounded into ambulances. Photo: SARC/Abdul Kader Fayad

On 17 December 1996, six Red Cross staff members were killed at a field hospital in Chechnya, in an attack deliberately meant to kill aid workers.  

Every year on this date, the Red Cross Red Crescent Movement remembers all those who have died while performing their humanitarian duties.  

Almost every month in 2015, Red Cross and Red Crescent people were killed: some caught in crossfires, others killed while helping to treat or evacuate the wounded, and others deliberately targeted in savage attacks.

We mourn our colleagues and friends; we grieve with their families. And we promise to continue their work every day, even on the frontlines of armed conflicts, because that is where we are needed most.  

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