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Remembering Richard Stone, former Red Cross Board member

Richard Stone (OAM, KHS, KSG) passed away on 22 April, aged 74 years. He is fondly remembered as an active and influential Board member involved in the governance of Australian Red Cross.

Friday May 6, 2016


Richard, who was awarded Honorary Life membership in 2007, having joined just 10 years earlier, made a significant contribution to the Victorian Division, National Board and Council.  As a former Head of Corporate Governance at KPMG, his professional experience was a great asset, at a time when Australian Red Cross was transitioning to one national organisation.  

Richard held several important roles with Red Cross, as Deputy Chairman and Chairman of the Victorian Divisional Advisory Board, which lead him to be a member of the National Board and Council. He was also Chairman of the Governance Working Party and a member of the Asset Management Committee.  

Richard will be remembered not only for his exceptional leadership but also for his active involvement and encouragement of Red Cross members, as the first Chairman in Victoria to personally visit every one of the 28 regions. His passion and motivation for the humanitarian work of Red Cross was admirable as was his motivation to encourage others to join the Red Cross Movement.  

In addition to his life membership, Richard also received an Australian Red Cross Service Award in 2005.

His funeral service was held earlier this month. Australian Red Cross representatives attended, remembering his contributions to Red Cross and the broader community.