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Red Cross reaches out to crowds at Dreamworld

Red Cross volunteers and staff continue to reach out to people affected by the Dreamworld tragedy where four people died and two children were injured on a theme park ride.

Tuesday November 1, 2016

A week after the tragedy at Dreamworld, Red Cross volunteers and staff continue to reach out to people suffering distress and sorrow. Red Cross is deeply saddened by the tragic incident and extends heartfelt condolences to people who have lost family and loved ones and to those injured.

This is a devastating time and it's important people have all the support and care they need.

Red Cross volunteers and staff have been on hand at Dreamworld every day since that tragic incident to help and support people. They have spoken with more than 1700 people at the scene, providing practical and emotional support, offering psychological first aid and giving information to help people cope.

Red Cross is also advising Dreamworld on the reuse of the more than 1000 bunches of flowers left at the park's entrance, as well as digitising the cards and letters left there, as part of a permanent record.


Red Cross isn't running a specific appeal and isn't collecting donations via phone or door knocking. If you are in any doubt please contact our Supporter Service Centre on 1800 811 700.

Dreamworld has announced it will be donating proceeds from its proposed public Memorial Day to Australian Red Cross. Ardent's CEO will also be donating $167,500 through the Memorial Day.

GIVIT, a non-for-profit organisation, is running an appeal to support affected families at the request of Gold Coast City Council.

All funds donated to Red Cross by Dreamworld and Ardent and those raised through the GIVIT Appeal will all be distributed through an Independent Distribution Committee, headed by an independent chair, Bond University Pro Vice Chancellor Catherine O'Sullivan.

Red Cross will have a representative join the group to provide advice and support in the distribution of funds. 100% of all funds received by GIVIT through the Appeal will be directed to support those affected by the Dreamworld tragedy.

More information on the GIVIT appeal.

Looking after yourself and your family

"It's normal for many people to feel distressed after an event such as this. In this case, many people will have visited the park and been on the ride so may feel a sense of shock," says Red Cross Queensland Director Leisa Bourne.

"Recovery after critical incidents like this dreadful accident can take time. Talking about it with family and friends may help. You can also contact Lifeline on 1800 543 354."

Red Cross has information on how to recover and cope with emergencies like this, including some important tips about how to talk children and young people about tragic events.

Red Cross has information to support people to look after themselves during crisis events. This includes important tips about talking to children and young people.

  • Coping with a major personal crisis
  • Looking after yourself and your family after a disaster
  • How to talk to children about emergencies
  • Helping children and young people cope with crisis