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Red Cross supporting St George evacuation

Red Cross mobilises as 3,000 people are evacuated from the Queensland town.

Sunday February 5, 2012

Red Cross is setting up Evacuation Centres in Dalby to support residents of St George who have had to evacuate the town due to rising flood waters.

Red Cross Executive Director Queensland, Kevin Keeffe, said in response to unprecedented flooding an estimated 3,000 people are evacuating St George and many are travelling to Dalby by road either in their own cars or in the buses that have been provided.

"An Evacuation Centre is located at the Dalby Showgrounds and a second Evacuation Centre will be at the Dalby PCYC depending on numbers at the Showgrounds. We are also mobilising Red Cross staff, volunteers and members to assist residents from St George who will be arriving in Toowoomba and Brisbane," said Mr Keeffe.

The Evacuation Centre at St George is now closed as the Queensland authorities have declared the evacuation of St George is mandatory. At present Red Cross representatives are still on-the-ground in St George helping Queensland authorities by registering people as they leave town.

"It has been a very distressing time for people in south-western Queensland and the people coming out of St George face a challenging period of uncertainty and disruption to their lives. Red Cross will be there providing support to the flood affected communities," said Mr Keeffe

"The response of our volunteers to this disaster has been fantastic. In total, we now have more than 100 Red Cross people assisting with the relief effort and managing Evacuation Centres across south-western Queensland and more will come on-board as required."

In addition to assisting the residents of St George, Red Cross still has volunteers supporting flood affected communities in Mitchell, Roma and Charleville.

"We are still active in communities where the flood peak has passed. The Charleville Evacuation Centre remains open with as many as 600 people on site over the last 24 hours. We have sent another Red Cross team into Roma to help people in both Roma and Mitchell with recovery as they slowly return to their homes and begin the clean-up process."

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