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Red Cross podcast for young refugees now in Farsi

A new version of Life in Australia, the Red Cross podcast helping young refugees settle into their new life, has been launched for Farsi speakers.

Tuesday November 1, 2016

Red Cross Life in Australia podcast for refugees now in Farsi
Red Cross' Life in Australia podcast for young refugees is now available in Farsi

In early 2016, Australian Red Cross teamed up with young refugees and asylum seekers to create a podcast that offers advice to young people who've arrived in Australia. Now, after the success of the English speaking podcast, Life in Australia is now available in Farsi for the first time.

Moving to a new country and starting life again for can be a difficult time for anyone-but especially for those with a different language and from a different culture who've arrived in difficult circumstances.

In each weekly episode of Life in Australia, young people who have themselves been new migrants share their stories and give advice on subjects including housing, education and health.

Life in Australia: Farsi is available for free download from iTunes and SoundCloud.

If you work with newly arrived young people who speak Farsi, share the news and let them know about Life in Australia. You can find out more and listen online to Life in Australia in Farsi at

The English version of Life in Australia can be found at

"Red Cross is really pleased to be able to offer the Life in Australia podcast in Farsi language. We know that there are lot of young Farsi-speaking people living in Australia and we hope that the stories in this podcast will help their transition to life in Australia," says Fiore Coffari, podcast project officer for Red Cross.  

"The young people involved in this podcast have been through it themselves - they know exactly the tips that will help people find their feet in a new country ," she says.  

Australian Red Cross supports young people who've sought asylum to live independent in the community-which can be a significant adjustment in any young person's life. This podcast is just one way Red Cross helps these young people survive and thrive in Australia.

Download Life in Australia: Farsi for free from iTunes and SoundCloud.

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