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Red Cross helps with Dreamworld memorial

Red Cross volunteers and staff have today removed more than 2000 bunches of flowers at the temporary memorial at Dreamworld, where thousands of people turned out to grieve for the four people killed on a ride last month.

Monday November 14, 2016

Some of the hundreds of messages left at the temporary memorial (Photo: Red Cross/Susan Cullinan)

Red Cross supported them at the temporary memorial for more than a fortnight providing practical and emotional support, offering psychological first aid and giving information to help people cope. Red Cross is deeply saddened by the tragic incident and extends heartfelt condolences to people who have lost family and loved ones and to those injured.

Red Cross is also advising Dreamworld on a permanent memorial, the reuse of the flowers and other items left at the park's entrance, as well as digitising and cataloguing the cards and letters left there, as part of a permanent record.

Looking after yourself and your family

Recovery after critical incidents like this dreadful accident can take time. Talking about it with family and friends may help.

Red Cross has information to support people to look after themselves during crisis events. This includes important tips about talking to children and young people.

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