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Rebuilding safer homes one year after Typhoon Haiyan

Rebuilding safer homes one year after Typhoon Haiyan

Wednesday November 5, 2014

Photo: Australian Red Cross/Noel Celis

A year after Typhoon Haiyan, thousands of people across the Philippines are moving into safer, more storm-resistant homes.

Red Cross has helped 100,000 people to rebuild their homes by providing iron roofing, cash grants for building supplies and training more than 1,900 carpenters in design principles for weather-proof shelters.

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"Typhoon Haiyan was the biggest disaster of 2013. On 8 November, the one-year anniversary, our thoughts are with the families of more than 7,300 people who tragically lost their lives or are still missing," said Peter Walton, Head of International Program at Australian Red Cross.

"This is a time to honour the incredible efforts of 8,000 Philippine Red Cross volunteers and staff who worked tirelessly to get people to safety, before one of the biggest storms ever hit their communities. They helped people and saved lives in the height of the storm. And they're still helping people to recover."

It takes a long time to recover from a disaster of this magnitude, especially when it affects some of the poorest people in our region. In the immediate aftermath, funds from the Typhoon Haiyan 2013 Appeal were used to help provide emergency food, water, healthcare and temporary shelter to over 1.3 million people. Over the last year, the focus has been on rebuilding homes.


Red Cross is now committed to a longer-term plan with communities in the hardest-hit areas. "We can't focus on recovering from one typhoon without considering how people will survive the next one," Mr Walton said. "We need to continue investing in early warning systems, training local first aiders and other measures that help communities to prepare."

"On behalf of Red Cross and the communities of the Philippines, I sincerely thank the Australian donors whose generosity helped thousands of people to recover and rebuild."

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