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Reality beginning to sink in for towns affected by the recent NSW bushfires

A fortnight after the devastating bushfires which destroyed 45 homes in New South Wales' Central West, Australian Red Cross says the reality is only just starting to sink in for the thousands of people impacted

Friday February 24, 2017

Emergency services volunteers at recovery centres

Red Cross Emergency Services Manager, NSW, Diana Bernardi says people are now starting to think about rebuilding their lives, and it's important for them to know that on-going help is available.

"As well as the 45 houses destroyed and 13 houses damaged, many farmers have lost their livestock," Ms Bernardi said.

"It's hard for everyone affected and it's hard for their families, who may not know how to support them.

"Psychological recovery is a key part of life after a disaster and emotional support can make a big difference. So it's good for people to know that they can access support and resources like information on our website about recovering after a disaster."

"Another key factor in recovering after a disaster is the effect on children. We have created a booklet to help children come to terms with what's happened."

Ms Bernardi said Red Cross volunteers are helping at the Coolah Recovery Centre, where the main concerns include lack of power and the resulting loss of perishable goods, as well as the loss of stock and fencing.

Meanwhile Red Cross continues to support the Queanbeyan community which lost 11 houses and 45 outbuildings, and saw damage to 12 other houses in fast-moving fires one week ago.

"At both locations, many community members are really appreciating the opportunity to talk to someone from the Red Cross about their experiences of the fires."

"As well, it's really bringing out the best in people, with many being incredibly supportive of one another and coming together."

To donate to Red Cross' ongoing work in Disasters Relief and Recovery just go to our website.