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'Pole to Pole' run reaches Antarctica

Australian Pat Farmer is on track to break the record for an Antarctic crossing.

Friday January 13, 2012

Pat Farmer Running in Antarctica
To support Pat Farmer donate to Red Cross water and sanitation projects

After nine months of running the equivalent of two marathons a day without break, one would forgive Pat if he slowed a little for the last part of his journey across the ice of Antarctica. However, if he keeps up his curent pace, he'll break the speed record for Antarctic crossings.

In an extraordinary test of human endurance, Pat has thus far trekked over 20,000km through the Arctic, Canada, USA, Mexico, Panama, the Darien Jungle and the deserts of Peru and Chile. His journey is now nearing completion in Antarctica where he will achieve his ultimate goal of being the first person to run from the North to South Pole.

In a recent video message from Antartica Pat says "During the course of this run there have been moments when I've pondered being in the extreme cold of Arctic, the heat of the deserts of Peru and then I think about the moments before I began when we were in Timor and I visited the hospital and saw young babies dying because they couldn't get clean water. You can't go through these sorts of experiences without it affecting you"

"I encourage everyone to get behind me and donate to Red Cross and its water programs. Something as simple as a glass of water and clean sanitation can mean the difference between life or death. So get behind the cause and donate on my website if you're inspired by what I'm doing"

Pat is now 12 days into his run across Antartica and expects to reach the South Pole by 19 January. He started this current phase of his journey at Union Glacier runway near the coast of Antarctica and for the first 6 days ran an average of 70km per day in an effort to get away from the Antarctic coast and its higher probability of inclement weather.

He's now dropped back to around 60km a day. Pat's journey is only going to get more difficult from here on in with the constant bitter wind that blows incessantly from the south and a drop in temperate due to the gain in attitude. If that wasn't bad enough, Pat is doing this part of the trek without an ounce of fat to insulate his core, having lost all body fat over the last year of running constantly across Canada and the Americas.

Red Cross CEO, Robert Tickner said "There are not many people who would undertake such a gruelling physical challenge and when you take into account Pat's altruistic intentions, you can't help but admire him. With the money he has raised so far, Red Cross has been able to fund a major life saving water sanitation project in East Timor, but unfortunately there are many more projects on the list that are yet to start due to lack of funding."

"We look forward to seeing Pat finish his amazing journey from the North to the South Pole and welcoming him back to Australia with a hero's welcome mid in February"

To support Pat Farmer visit his website or donate to Red Cross water and sanitation projects.


Pole to Pole

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