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Meet Pearl Li - Youth Board Member

Welcome Pearl Li, Australian Red Cross' new National Youth Advisory Chair who sits on the national board

Friday February 13, 2015

Pearl Li addressing the Australian Red Cross Centenary Summit in November 2014

Meet Pearl Li, our new youth representative on the Australian Red Cross National Board.  

Pearl has been a young humanitarian for three years and was honoured to take up the position and outline her vision for the future of Red Cross and the vital role young people will play. Watch this video of Pearl Li and the Red Cross Youth team sharing their vision at our recent Centenary Summit.  

Pearl Li was profiled by SA Life magazine in her home town of Adelaide.  

(First published in SA Life - Voice of Youth,  1 February 2015)

South Australian law student Pearl Li, 23, was recently elected chair of the Red Cross Youth Advisory Committee, after several years with the organisation.

An eye-opening volunteering trip to India gave the former Seymour College student the inspiration she needed to help others closer to home.

Pearl had volunteered for the Smith Family's mentor program in her early years of high school, but the overseas trips one during school and one just after made her think harder about what she could do for Australians.  

"It made me think, there are a lot of things going on outside of Australia, but what's going on in my own backyard?" says Pearl.  "We're lucky in this country, but it's all relative."

Pearl attended a Red Cross information meeting and found out the service was about a lot more than blood donation and emergency services.

"We do a lot of work with people who may be socially isolated - people with disabilities or the elderly or any other reason. We ensure they're engaged with the community and receive social support."  

She was elected president of the Red Cross Club at the University of Adelaide and joined the South Australian Youth Advisory Committee soon after. Pearl also volunteers with the Red Cross Telecross program, phoning those in social isolation to make sure they're okay.  

"It's just a quick phone call, but it's nice to have that personal connection. It's heartwarming when they tell you how nice it is to have someone who cares."

Pearl, who works part-time as an English tutor for primary school students, says volunteering for the Red Cross is a great path to take for any young person interested in an international movement. She encourages young people to get involved through school or university clubs.   "We do a lot of work locally, but we want to do the best for humanity.

We're currently doing a lot with nuclear weapons; making sure the effects continue to be part of the conversation.

It's all about seeing how we can make a difference on a grand scale."

Pearl is making a difference in her own way as the speakerphone for young people in the organisation. She will be attending the Geneva Convention and has already been busy with plenty of interstate meetings and teleconferences.