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Parliamentary Friends of Australian Red Cross

Federal politicians pledge their support for Australian Red Cross.

Monday June 24, 2013

Parliamentary Friends of Australian Red Cross

Today at Parliament House our federal politicians, in a rare show of unity, pledged their support for Australian Red Cross.

Minister for Health Tanya Plibersek, Deputy Opposition Leader Julie Bishop and Leader of the Greens Christine Milne were among those who recognised parliamentary support for our humanitarian work.

The Parliamentary Friends of Australian Red Cross initiative began a year ago, with more than 80 politicians from all parties as well as independent MPs signing on. The membership of the group is now 106 MPs.

The event was held in partnership with the Blood Service and Parliamentary Friends and their staff further helped Red Cross by making pledges to donate blood to ensure blood and blood products are available to all Australians in need.

The Australian Red Cross Blood Service says there is a presently a national need for the universal O Negative blood type due to an increase in demand.

O Negative is often in demand because it is the only type that can be used on an emergency situation regardless of the patient's own blood type.

Parliamentary Friends demonstrates the true impartiality and neutrality of Red Cross as a humanitarian organisation. It brings people together to work for humanitarian values and vulnerable people irrespective of any political differences they may have.

Parliamentarians are in a unique position to garner support for humanitarian principles and to recognise the critical role our volunteers and members play in their local communities.

The strong support given to Australian Red Cross by parliamentarians helps us in our everyday humanitarian work in communities right around the country.