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Parliamentarians prepare for summer emergencies

Are you disaster ready? It's not all about a torch and a can of baked beans

Friday October 16, 2015

Michelle Landry MP, Nola Marino MP, and Jane Prentice MP joined our disaster preparedness briefing at Parliament House.

Red Cross held an information briefing for federal parliamentarians this week to assist people in their electorates to prepare for the upcoming summer season of emergencies.  

The briefing, hosted by our Parliamentary Friends of Australian Red Cross co-convenors Mrs Jane Prentice MP, Graham Perrett MP and Ms Michelle Landry MP, helped to promote the new Australian Red Cross Emergency RediPlan, a tool to help people prepare for a disaster, launched during Disaster Preparedness Week from 18 - 25 October.  

What's the take home message?  When the skies turn jet black with smoke and flames race across your lawn, it's too late. When vicious howling winds tear the roof off your family home, there's no time to get prepared. There is no time to save anything. There's no time for anything, at all.  

Speakers from both the Australian Red Cross Emergency Services team and the Insurance Australia Group (IAG), who provide insurance cover for people who may be impacted by disasters, provided information to help parliamentarians encourage their constituents to prepare for emergencies, recover from emergencies and be better informed about the impacts of emergencies on individuals and communities.  

"Summer is about to start, bringing with it the increased risk of a natural disaster of cyclones, floods, storms and bushfires. Like every year, we have no idea what's coming, or when. Now is the time to prepare,' said Red Cross' National Manager Emergency Services, Andrew Coghlan.  

"Emergencies happen and we can't change that, but we can change how they affect our lives.  

"Our research shows Australians aren't well prepared for disaster - 92% of people don't have a written disaster plan and more than half of us haven't worked out how we're going to protect the objects most precious to us.  

"This October we're calling on all Australians to get disaster ready," said Mr Coghlan.  

Do you have an Emergency RediPlan?  

Red Cross has been helping people prepare for, cope with and recover from emergencies since 1914.  

This month we've released our new RediPlan, a simple and free four-step emergency preparation guide.  

It's available on our website for everyone to download for free.

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